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Nicolas Moore

Growth Mindset and Sales Expert nicolas@elevationvibe.com
Who am I and what is Elevation Vibe?

Hi there! I'm Nicolas, a 27 years old growth mindset professional and marketing expert who will be in charge of helping you reach for the stars and achieve those incredible goals you've been dreaming of. From making $270k a month to help people online.

My journey started when I was 17 in the world of e-commerce. I launched my own stores in different niches and step by step I improved my skills in sales and content marketing, achieving to create a profitable brand after 9 failed attempts.

There was a point when I got all the money that I never imagined I could have, that's why I became an expert in the stock market, understanding the importance of strategic investing.

Now, I'm here to share the knowledge and experience I've gained along the way. Elevation Vibe is the space I created to empower you with the tools and inspiration you need to transform your life.

Nicolas Moore - Elevation Vibe
My Beginnings

My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in early. I started programming my own sites because I didn't know about all the tools to create a website that we have today.

I wasn't afraid to put in the work, learning the ins and outs of building websites, creating content at Pinterest to attract more traffic, and mastering the art of online sales. Each success fueled my fire and taught me the value of growth mindset and goal-setting.

Building a successful e-commerce business isn't just about the technical stuff. It demands understanding your audience, creating a strong brand, and mastering the art of persuasion.

I developed those skills through relentless trial and error, always learning, growing, and finding new ways to connect with customers.

Nicolas Moore - Elevation Vibe
From E-commerce to help people online!

My e-commerce journey was thrilling, filled with valuable lessons and the satisfaction of building something successful from the ground up. But at this point, I discovered that helping people achieve their goals was more gratifying than making money without a purpose.

That's why I delved into the world of stock market investments, learning how to make my money work for me. This experience solidified the importance of a growth mindset – always seeking new knowledge, embracing challenges, and constantly evolving.

With newfound financial freedom, I made a bold decision. I sold all my e-commerce ventures for a cool $5 million, freeing myself to pursue a different kind of passion: helping others achieve their dreams.

That's why I created Elevation Vibe, a platform dedicated to sharing my knowledge and empowering individuals and businesses to thrive. My mission is to ignite a growth mindset and goal-setting with you, so you can embrace obstacles and achieve your dreams. 🚀